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We are proud to service the “Valley of The Sun”. Our #1 award winning insect and animal control company is nothing short of our core foundation. Exceptional approach to and passion for the best pest control Phoenix, AZ.

We have every commercial and residential site covered with our famous 7 days a week service. Our outstanding service technicians will come directly to you, at a time that is convenient for you.

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When needing a maintenace or emergency service, experienced technicians can make all the difference. Having inexperienced technicians that are not utilizing the most up to date technology for family/pet safety and exterminations. Can have a long term effect of the infestation growing larger. The best way to prevent human hospitalizations is to have our team maintain the site.

Our EDUCATED & CERTIFIED technicians use the industry’s best products to ensure quality protection that gets rid of any animal-pest problem.

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When we arrive at the property, we take quick action to eliminate any problem. We continue to stay up-to-date on bees, roaches, bed bugs, scorpions, crickets, termites, weeds, rodents or birds. We truly are your One Call for all pest eliminations. We service homes, offices, restaurants, multi-housing properties on a regular basis because Phoenix locals trust us.

No one comes close to our experience, value and success.

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Our Supporters In Phoenix, Arizona

Many of our supporters come to us for all pest exterminating services. Sometimes they can't start a job without ensuring the site is safe - That's where we come in!

You might find yourself in the same pickle like our solar friends. When Solar Solutions Phoenix needs to install solar panels but have a bee hive blocking their way. They count on us to remove every single bee and you can too!

Have a celebration coming soon? No worries, we can service any property before a party. We do this all the time for catering parties in Phoenix hosted by Outdoor Grilling Company BBQ. So no need to cancel the party - We got you covered!

The Iphone repair team at Custom Phone Repair AZ had the worst luck when a rattlesnake was sleeping right outside their store entrance. Our 7 days a week services, is why they called us on a Sunday morning. We came fast and resettled the 4 foot snake at a natural habitat with ease.

Arizona Extermination
Wait..Did You Know?

That Arizona is home to many venomous species. Stated by the life sciences department of The University of Arizona, venomous and posionous animals in Arizona have a disctint difference. Venom is entered via a bite or sting while posions are ingested or absorbed by the body. Our experts can educate and explain that bees, scorpions, snakes and spiders are venomous and natural mushrooms, toads and household chemicals are considered poisonous.

Here is a scorpion fact: When many locals assume that smaller ones are the more dangerous ones. The truth is that size and color of a scorpion has nothing to do with how toxic it is. You already knew that? Well, did you know that there are an estimated 56 species of scorpions in Arizona.

Always be on the look out, as scorpion calls are very common in Phoenix. The auto repair center of Bell Automotive faced a nest of scorpions in one of their walls near a car bay. We were not suprised as it was the beginning of summer at the time, but luckily they called us before someone got injured.