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Our services cover all notable desert animals including venomous and poisonous.

Ants & Termites

Ant don’t eat wood like termites, but do remove it to create their tunnel system homes.

Termites swarm within buildings and residential walls unoticed until damage is discovered. The most destructive termite pests of them all are Drywood and Subterranean termites causing more than $1.5 Billion dollars in U.S. structural damages each year.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can live up to a full year without ingesting. Cracks around sleeping areas (ie. head boards, mattress corners) are common spots in Phoenix residential homes.

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With two types of snakes in Arizona, venomous and non-venemous most local residents can’t tell one from the other. Rattlesnakes and the sonoran coral are posionous and must be dealt with a professional.

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Bees, Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

Bees and wasps being more common than the rest, there are still common areas likes Verde Valley, Sedona and Prescott Valley. Don’t take any chances with a noticeable hive, always keep a safe distance and let the professional pest control take care of it.

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Most common of them all are the Oriental cockroach. Outside and around landscapes, regular pest control can easily controll this pest. The American Cockroach can fly but still be easily dealt with regular pest control maintenance. The bigger cockroach that generally gets noticed at night around the kitchen or bathroom are the German Cockroaches. Harder to control for most pest companies, One Call Pest can exterminate these critters with ease.

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