An effective bird nest removal Phoenix-area service can avoid the property damage associated with these nesting bird problems. Finally, you can now protect your building, home, office, and shops by using these services and get health safety and property damage associated with nesting birds.

Birds, in general, are really harmless, but they can cause serious property damages.

A grocery warehouse delivers food to grocery stores on a daily basis. Hundreds of trucks come and go every day. These large warehouses have huge bay doors that are left open most of the day to move trucks and products in and out.

The problem is, that without an effective means of bird control, pest birds can easily sneak into feast on food inside.

Birds such as pigeons often boldly enter buildings in search of food. They will gather just about anywhere they feel safe around a grocery warehouse. On the roof, one stack of wood pallets, even on the lids of dipsy-dumpsters.

Spilled grain dust and flour in and around a warehouse will attract birds, and spilled grain on a regular basis may result in birds nesting and roosting at that location. Even insects drawn to left-over remnants of grain or food will attract birds.

Bird control measures must be implemented at the earliest signs of bird infestation.

Outside of the breeding season, pigeons will travel up to 40 miles each day from evening roost sites to daytime feeding areas. The birds are very clever and will normally post “sentries,” who alert any birds that may be feeding of approaching danger.

Adult pigeons have few predators-these being eagles, hawks, owls, and humans. All the more reason to implement bird control.

Once attracted to a building, pigeons quickly learn how to enter. And once they enter, you’ve got a whole set of problems to deal with, including:

If they settle on top of food stacks, they’ll peck holes in the canvas, burlap or cardboard containers. They can spill out the contents and may even collapse the entire stack.

Screen doors and windows are often damaged as pest birds work their way inside a warehouse.

Why Are Birds Considered As Pests?

Birds, being pests, will build nests in rain gutters and downpipes, blocking them and causing water overflows and flooding that can ruin foods and packaging.

Lice and mites attach themselves to pest birds. These insects carry diseases, which can find their way into food.

Bird feathers and droppings – even decaying bodies of birds often contaminate food, packaging and handling facilities. This debris can pass bacteria like aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and salmonella.

Maintenance costs go up when bird droppings and nests are found and must be removed.

One of the best bird control measures found to be effective against pigeons in food warehouses is heavy-duty polyethylene bird netting. It’s the physical barrier that blocks birds from entering unwanted areas.

Before installing bird netting, it’s best to seek the advice of a bird control professional.

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